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A tale of Anti- QotDness

My best friend has believed that he is Lestat since the 6th grade. So, as a result, it leads my little group of friends on some wacky adventures. And he decided, when he picked our characters that I was Louis.

Anyway, a couple years ago I was at Target and saw Queen of the Damned on DVD for like 5 bucks. So being the snot that I am, and knowing the hatred he had for that movie I purchased it and put it in his mailbox as a gift. He found it and then put it in mine. This war continued for years until recently I think he was finally fed up.

I was home on a break from school and he comes to my house, bangs on my door, waking me from my half coma that I tend to fall into when I'm home alone and off school. I answer the door and he's standing there and says "come with me" so reluctant as usual I follow. In the circle I live in, his car is idling and I stand at the top of my driveway just confused. He drops the dvd on the pavement and proceeds back to the drivers side, stopping before getting in and screaming at me "This ends now, Louis!"

He got in the car, slammed the door and ran over the dvd at least 5 times. Then parked in my driveway. He got out of the car, obviously satisfied and I said "I spent five bucks on that" and went back inside.

In truth, I think that five bucks was not wasted for the utter joy of seeing someone run over the movie with their car, considering that if I were to compare it to a car accident, it would be a 100 car pile up in the middle of rush hour in the middle of Manhatten.

The end.
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