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I'm Curious...

I haven't been on this community too long so maybe it's been discussed already but I was curious if by chance Queen of the Damned was given another chance to be made into a more accurate film- who would you rather see playing certain roles? Like what young male actor of today do you think would play a good Lestat? I was trying to think up some but does anyone else have any ideas?

And also if this second chance was given would people prefer it instead to be on regular TV where it could be instead a couple hours long than a typical 2 hour film? I mean Stephen King does it with many of his films such as the Stand and I think with all that is involved with QotD, that would be a better idea.

I'm not saying that it will be given a second chance- I'm sure it won't, but I sometimes think of what could be done if it ever was.
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