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Anti-'Queen of the Damned' Movie

"We rant, and we like it!"

The "Queen of the Damned" movie must be destroyed
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I n t r o :

Anyone who has read a portion of The Vampire Chronicles knows of the calamity that the Queen of the Damned movie is; everything was completely skewed and disconnected from Anne Rice's series, as well as the movie version of Interview With the Vampire. This community is for those who are strongly opposed to the movie.

C o m m u n i t y :

From ranting about the movie (discussing flaws, scenes, actors, inconsistencies, etc) or just to discussing The Vampire Chronicles, that's the community's intent and purpose. We welcome anyone who feels as we do!

I do ask up front that fans of the movie not interrupt us with righteous posts. That's not what the community's for (obviously!). I/we won't harass your communities, so it's only fair that you return the favour.

G u i d e l i n e s :

- Everyone's entitled to an opinion, and said opinion should be respected. Even if you don't agree, it's possible to express that without being disrespectful and rude. Intelligent debates are welcomed and embraced. However, this is not a place for pro-QotD movie arguing! Take that elsewhere.

- For lengthy posts, large images, and possibly dodgy material, the LJ-cut is to be used. If you fail to do so when it's needed, I'll either ask you to impliment it or simply delete the entry.

- Advertising is allowed and so are quizzes, but please keep them to a minimum and on-topic.

- Discussions about other VC and Ricean related things are welcomed.

E x t r a :

In association with QotD movie hatelisting.

This community is owned and maintained by hidingthestars. She reserves the right to enforce listed rules and implied netiquette. If you need help with something, contact her.