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*sobs joyfully* I am so happy to find others like me. I go into..."episodes" when that movie comes along on television. The first time I watched it, it was at my friend's house. (Sorry for the flashback, but I must release my anger and frustration and whatnot). She warned me not to watch it, I told her she was crazy and to put the damn DVD in. ...I wish I listened to her. A man walks in. I ask my friend, "Who is that?" She stares at me. And I gasp. I cringe. I do a double take. And I say, "No." She says "yes." ...It beloved Marius. He was.....BALD! (Or nearly) And did NOT have luscious blonde hair that broke into curls when it hit his shoulders! *sob* He did NOT looking anywhere near as gorgeous as he should, and for that matter, neither did Lestat. ...I nearly tossed a rock at the television when she pointed out who Armand was suppose to be.

The movie was a disaster. The only part I liked in it was Akasha's clothing and her dance. That's it. ...Once again I'm sorry for my flashback moment.

Love you all!
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