zilabelle (zilabelle) wrote in antiqotd,

*is scarred in a bad way*

Ironic how the first community I join is one devoted to bashing.... 
I had no idea that there was any way to screw something I love so much up so badly....... *dies* My main issues wiht the movie were that A) Jesse's a Mary-Sue. I would like to know when the fuck she became one of the main characters in QOTD. Someone tell me when?????? NEVER! B) I could not tell who the characters were half of the time. They were that badly cast. Did not fit the roles even slightly. C) What happened to all of the red haired twins stuff that took up quite a bit of the book?
Damn that movie pissed me off though. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or hurl the TV out the window or go back and read the book to get my mind off the damn thing. In the end I laughed, probably pissed my friend off by ranting, and reread it. 
Love to all my fellow haters!!!!!
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antiqotd was one of the first comms I joined as well :)
Okay. Here are the proper viewing steps.

1. Laugh.
2. Cry.
3. Hurl the TV out the window.
4. Read the book.
5. Confront said broken television and pistol whip the remains for good measure.
*gasps* I can't believe I left out step five. Great username by the way. XD

Deleted comment

Grrr Ya you are a lucky one. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as Interview, just cause I didn't see how that was possible, but I didn't expect it to drive me to madness..... well further madness.
I sadly do not read books before watching movies anymore. I get so disappointed....

The really sad part is that I bought the movie just so I can complain about how horrible it is and yell at the damned movie for f'ing everything up.

don't get me wrong Len Olin is a wonderful actress but not for that movie. None of the actors were in their proper roles......and something I just realized. Why was a novice actress like Aaliyah (may she rest in peace) cast as the Akasha?

And I recommend NOT hurling the tv out the window becuase 1)you can hurt somebody, 2)you could hurt the sidewalk or street with the awfulness of QOTD, and 3)tv's are expensive
Aaliyah was probably cast as Akasha for the same reason everyone else was put in the wrong roles, the director was on something that was making him have effed up halucinations of what the film should be like... Or at least that's the only explanation I could come up with.

Trust me I would not dare to bruise even the sidewalk with something of that degree of awfulness. O.O And considering I was watching it on the most decent TV we own, it was probably good that I managed to restrain myself from flinging it out a window. Even if it was craptastic as Britney's poor excuse for music.
I think Aaliyah played her role really well