zilabelle (zilabelle) wrote in antiqotd,

*is scarred in a bad way*

Ironic how the first community I join is one devoted to bashing.... 
I had no idea that there was any way to screw something I love so much up so badly....... *dies* My main issues wiht the movie were that A) Jesse's a Mary-Sue. I would like to know when the fuck she became one of the main characters in QOTD. Someone tell me when?????? NEVER! B) I could not tell who the characters were half of the time. They were that badly cast. Did not fit the roles even slightly. C) What happened to all of the red haired twins stuff that took up quite a bit of the book?
Damn that movie pissed me off though. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or hurl the TV out the window or go back and read the book to get my mind off the damn thing. In the end I laughed, probably pissed my friend off by ranting, and reread it. 
Love to all my fellow haters!!!!!
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